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Arctica Solar

2kW Series Solar Hot Water Panel

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Product Description

The 2kW Series solar hot water panel is 2m2 frontal area in an all aluminum construction and low emissivity absorber coating. The panel can pressurize up to 1 MPA.  It can be used for custom built solar hot water systems, for replacing panels on existing systems. 

Product Details

  • 2.0 m2 frontal area (2.0m x 1.06m x 0.08m)
  • 32 kg / 70lbs
  • Low emissivity absorber coating behind 3.2mm hail proof glass
  • All copper piping and aluminum absorber construction
  • All fiberglass insulation with EPDM sealing
  • Product is panel only.  Other parts needed for completing a working solar hot water system.

Product ships freight from Southern California.