1500 Series with new "skinny" Solar Panel in the wild

1500 Series with new "skinny" Solar Panel in the wild

We must give credit where credit it due!  Bill, a customer of ours in Troy, NH called us not long after we shipped him his heater in late 2022 and told us he didn't like the look of the PV solar panel. 

That was the motivation we needed to finish our effort on a new PV solar panel form factor for our 1500 Series Solar Air Heater - the skinny panel complete with a painted and rounded mounting bracket which blends into the aesthetic of the heater.  

Bill shared with us this picture of the heater with the updated solar panel now installed, and looking great.  Some solar air heaters will put the PV panel inside the heater itself, which gives a clean look, but makes troubleshooting nearly impossible.  If the PV panel is inside the heater, and the panel, or the fan fail, then the heater can often not be repaired.  We prefer to use replaceable components so that customers can enjoy their core heater for as long as possible.

Thanks again Bill for the motivation, and thank you for sharing the picture of this great install!

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