Renewable Air Heating and Ventilation

Modular solar air heating engineered for the harshest continent on earth - now avaliable everywhere as factory assembled heaters from 750W (2.5k BTUh) max to 8,800W (30k BTUh) max or as DIY kits and parts. Build in series and parallel connections to reach your supplemental heating goals. Install as a zone heater or to pre-heat incoming ventilation air. No input power needed - solar powered, grid-free supplemental heating.

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  • Our History

    Founded in 2016 to engineer and manufacture durable, high performance solar air heaters for the Antarctic summer months (October through January) to help curb the use of environmentally hazardous and expensive fossil fuels. Our heaters have been in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica since 2016.


    Expanding into innovations in modular cooling and ventilation.

  • Our Technology

    Solar Air Heating - Optimized absorber materials combined with a patent pending convective heat transfer / air handling system and a uniquely low profile design. Designed to mount vertically or on a standard PV module racking systems. Designed for DIY installation or installation from your local handyman or HVAC installer.

    Ventilation & Cooling - Modular and configurable to meet the needs of your application.

  • Our Mission

    To enable individuals to meet the climate comfort needs of their lived in spaces with afforable, high performance, modular, scalable and highly efficient products and technologies.


    To bring the pleasure of fresh outdoor air responsibly into our lived in spaces.