Customer Story:  Supplemental Solar in Sunny SoCal

Customer Story: Supplemental Solar in Sunny SoCal

It may come as a surprise to some of our customers that coastal Southern California can get quite chilly in the winter.  While we are careful not to complain to our friends in Denver, mornings can routinely start off in the mid 40's with days not climbing much above the high 50's.

Our Seal Beach customer Ed recently installed a single 750 series heater to provide continuous 2,500 BTUh peak supplemental heating in addition solar heat gain already captured by existing south facing windows.  Ed's contractor did a great job with the install inside and out, with a picture of the inside wall below.  

Ed also took advantage of his proximity to our location in SoCal with a free will call pickup, an option that also exists for our customers near Argyle, NY.

Happy heating Ed!


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