Customer Story:  Warming a large shop in Central Pennsylvania

Customer Story: Warming a large shop in Central Pennsylvania

Our customer Tom in central PA has a large 40' x 80' fairly well insulated workshop / garage that he was interested in keeping above freezing during the winter months, and keeping the temp a bit higher on sunny spring and fall days to make working in the shop a bit more pleasant.  On his open south facing wall he decided to install two 1500 series solar air heaters in January, 2023.  

In a follow up call about the project, Tom is reporting great performance.  "I considered adding a 3rd 1500 heater because of the size of the space, but the two I've installed are doing the job.  No complaints here, I'm getting great performance," he told us.  

When the sun is strong Tom is reporting temps of the mid-50's in his shop space with no other sources of heating. 


Tom installed a total of 5x 1500 series heaters on his various properties and neighbor properties.  Once familiar with the installation procedure, he reported the final unit installed took only 30 minutes!  

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