Linking 750 Series Heaters for your Project

Linking 750 Series Heaters for your Project

A few weeks ago we launched our 750 Series heater, which is a unit about half the size of our popular 1500 Series heater.  We are excited about the 750 because we can package and ship up to 2x 750 units in a robust box via UPS Ground at an affordable shipping price.

The 750 is great because it allows for modular, flexible construction and linking.  The simplest version is linking 2x 750 Series heaters in series, meaning the exhaust from heater #1 goes into the intake of heater #2, and with the exhaust of heater #2 going to the point of use.

We've posted these short instructions to the 750 product page, and to our email list and this blog, which suggests how to use a simple wood framing to allow for easy heater connection.  

Of course you don't have to stop at 2x heaters!  Many 750 Series heaters could be combined in series and parallel, and in a variety of orientations and framings.  Let your imagination fly as you meet the needs of your specific space and application!

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