The Problem: Heating dominates household energy usage

The Problem: Heating dominates household energy usage

As seen in the image from Consumers Energy, space and water heating together represents 43% of average US household energy usage, and individually represent the first and third largest energy needs.  

Meeting the need for sustainable, renewably fueled heating as developed economies accelerate the decarbonization of consumer and industrial energy sources is going to be a critical challenge for the next 10 - 30 years.

At the energy generation infrastructure level - a large portion of this decarbonization will be transitioning electricity generation base load from conventional sources of energy, such as coal and gas, to renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind.  This transition is far from complete, but is well underway and will continue to be for some time.

At the consumer energy level, there will be an accelerating reliance on electricity over other sources of fuel, such as home-provided natural gas, to transition heating towards service by air and water heat pumps.

In addition to these changes, Arctica believes that in the future the heating, cooling and IAQ needs of lived in spaces and structures will also be serviced by modular, renewably powered products which capture and use the sunlight incident on a space to the maximum benefit of that space.  This is analogous to modular solar powered products such as SolaTube, a leader in modular solar daylighting via small roof penetrations.  

Low cost, high performance, durable, aesthetic and modular solar air and water heating systems are the first step, but the journey of Arctica to provide products which optimize the comfort of a space for as little recurring energy usage as possible is just now starting.



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