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1500 Series Solar Air Heater

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Product Description

The 1500 Series heater is a stand alone solar air heater. With the PV Fan Kit, a mounted PV panel powers the air circulation fan which is controlled by a simple thermostat. The heater mounts against a south facing wall or wall framing. 4" ducting is routed into the living space.  The heater can be mounted landscape or portrait.  All 1500 sales now ship with our upgraded, more aesthetic long form 10W solar panel.

Product Details

In stock. 

Domestic single unit orders ship freight in a dedicated crate, measuring 70" x 42" x 9", 163 lbs.  PV Fan Kits ship attached to the top of the crate, measuring 18" x 8" x 4", 4.3 lbs.

International single unit orders ship DHL in a dedicated crate measuring 70" x 42" x 6", 139 lbs.  PV Fan Kits ship in a separate box measuring 18" x 8" x 4", 4.3 lbs.