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Solar Heater Absorber Panel

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The same absorber panel used in the manufacture of the Arctica Solar 1500 Series Gen 3 heater and our 2000 & 4000 series heater panels, for purchase as an individual part for DIY heater construction without having to source or paint your own absorber surface as part of your customer heater build.

Our absorber uses a highly absorptive and stabilized (non-outgassing) engineered coating designed to reduce emissivity loss as it heats up from incident sunlight.  Making your own absorber panel from metal + black paint or spray paint can sometimes lead to outgassing into the heated air stream giving off an unpleasant odor as part of heater operation.   This is not a risk with the Arctica absorber panel.

The absorber panel can be cut to size using left, right or straight cut tin snips.  Alternatively we can cut the sheet for free to your desired custom size after the order is placed, just email your requirements to 

 Features  Notes
Part Number P02
Size 37.375" x 76.75" x 0.020"
Material Aluminum substrate + selective surface coating & protective plastic film (for removal before use)
Shipping Rolled into cylinder for shipping in 10" x 10" x 38" box / 7 lbs. Rolling process will add minor deformations to absorber that will not affect long term performance.