Fresh air without the hassle!  The IV50 is your digital window!

Fresh air without the hassle! The IV50 is your digital window!

We are excited to finally unveil the latest product in Arctica's lineup, the IV50 Intelligent Ventilator.  This is a modular ductless heat recovery ventilator designed to meet the ventilation needs of a wide range of indoor spaces while being low cost, easy to install, easy to use and easy to service.  

We will leave the technical details of the IV50 to the product page, and talk here about the goals we had for the product, and the problems we were trying to solve.

At Arctica, we love fresh air.  We especially love solar heated fresh air, but even without the solar, there is nothing quite like taking a stuffy space and cracking a window to get nice clean fresh air inside to liven things up.  But we got to thinking - is a window the best option here?  

Windows are simple, ubiquitous, but have several obvious drawbacks:

  1. They let in dust and debris in the air.
  2. The sometimes let in bugs and insects.
  3. They let out indoor treated air / warm air in the winter / cool air in the summer.
  4. You have to physically open  and close them - easy for some folks, not for others.
  5. Some people would like to leave a window open, but there are security concerns when sleeping or away.

We really wanted to launch a product which visited each of these drawing backs while still allowing for fresh air to enter any space with an exterior wall and a nearby AC junction box.

In future posts we'll cover specific features of the IV50 Gen 1.0 ventilator - but for now we are taking some deep breaths having accomplished bringing this very first version to the market, we look forward to our community's interest, questions and feedback.  

If you haven't already, please check out our YouTube intro video on the product:





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