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IV50 Intelligent Ventilator

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The IV50 Intelligent Ventilator, Gen 1.0 is a modular, ductless heat recovery ventilator with intake, exhaust and heat recovery ventilation modes.  It is controlled via on-board buttons (which can be disabled if needed) and short range remote control.  It is the perfect solution for "energy responsible" ventilation in a host of applications, including:

  • Humidity-triggered bath space ventilation
  • Common area / sleeping area CO2 ventilation
  • Kitchen area indoor air pollutants ventilation
  • Filtered always-on intake / exhaust / heat recovery ventilation

Technical Specifications:

  • Max continuous 50 CFM (with filter removed, 30 CFM with filter installed)
  • 70 - 90% sensible heat recovery 
  • 3 speed modes (low / med / high)
  • 3 humidity triggers (low / med / high)
  • 3 fan modes (always exhaust / always intake / HRV cycling)
  • Max 6W power, ties to building 120V AC similar to light fixture.  DC power options are available, please email us for more information.
  • Install with the same 6 3/8" hole drill bit used for sunk lighting installation.

Additional Product Information

Product Datasheet (PDF)

Owners Manual (PDF)

Shipping Detail:

Ships securely at: 16" x 11" x 11", 11 lbs

More Information:

Read our blog post about the IV50 Gen 1.0 ventilator here for more information.