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IV50 Intelligent Ventilator

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The IV50 Intelligent Ventilator, Gen 2.0 is a modular, ductless heat recovery ventilator with intake, exhaust and heat recovery ventilation modes.  It is controlled via on-board buttons (which can be disabled if needed) and short range remote control.  It is the perfect solution for "energy responsible" ventilation in a host of applications, including:

  • Humidity-triggered bath space ventilation
  • Common area / sleeping area CO2 ventilation
  • Kitchen area indoor air pollutants ventilation
  • Filtered always-on intake / exhaust / heat recovery ventilation

Technical Specifications:

  • Front loading & replaceable MERV 8 filter.  Optional HEPA filter insert for up to MERV 17.
  • Max continuous 40-50 CFM (with filter removed, 30 CFM with optional HEPA filter installed)
  • 70 - 90% sensible heat recovery 
  • 3 speed modes (low / med / high)
  • 3 humidity triggers (low / med / high)
  • 3 fan modes (always exhaust / always intake / HRV cycling)
  • Max 6W power, ties to building 120V AC similar to light fixture.  DC power options are available, please email us for more information.
  • Install with the same 6 3/8" hole drill bit used for sunk lighting installation.

Additional Product Information

Product Datasheet (PDF)

Owners Manual (PDF)

Shipping Detail:

1x unit ships: 16" x 11" x 11", 10 lbs

2x unit ships: 16" x 11" x 22", 21 lbs

3x unit ships: 16" x 22" x 22", 32 lbs

4x unit ships: 16" x 22" x 22", 43 lbs

More Information:

Read our blog post about the IV50 ventilator here for more information.

Improvements in Gen 2 over Gen 1 IV50:

The Gen 2 has the same form factor and performance of Gen 1, but it has the following improvements:.  Please see the Owner's Manual for more detail:

  • A updated, more stylish remote
  • A removable front cover that is magnetically held in place.  This makes for easier cleaning.  The Gen 1 unit was a fixed cover.
  • A MERV 8 removable front loading filter for easy servicing and further reduction of fan noise.

Wiring Diagram:

The IV50 is a CE marked Class II electrical appliance.  It can be wired as follows in the picture below, with the brown wire connected to AC Live (120V) and the blue wire connected to neutral: